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Technical Research and Analysis

Technical analysis believes that market prices follow trends and cycles. These can be analyzed to form an idea about the future trend and calculate the range of prices. This helps identify the lowest a stock may fall and the highest it may go up to in the near term.

Research is one of your most important tools as a professional stock trader. Without the right kind of research, you may bet on various stock options blindly, whilekeeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best results.

In technical analysis of stocks, timing plays a very important role. That said, research can be very time-consuming.

So why not use Kotak Securities?

  • Our Research Team eliminates these uncertainties for you and offers best-in-class research reports using stock technical analysis that can charge up your trading activities.
  • Our expert analysts watch the stock markets with perfect vision and chart every movement that the markets make. We regularly publish in-depth reports about the stock markets.
  • We offer sound advice on the expected trends on markets, specific stocks, industry reports etc.
  • Our stock technical analysis reports also provide up-to-the-minute insights into volumes traded, top gainers and losers, ranges that stocks are expected to move between.
  • Also, you will get access to recommendations about stop loss rates, scrips, timing to buy and sell specific stocks and so much more.
Why Technical Research and Analysis?
  • Identify market cycles
  • Future price trends
  • Recommendations
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