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Kotak Securities Media Section

Welcome to Kotak Securities.

In this section, we help you get all media-relevant data like press releases, profiles and our media kit. In short, you can get to know all that is happening in Kotak Securities.

  • Press Releases: Missed your email of the press release or misplaced the sheet given at a press conference? Here you can find all our recent press releases as well as those from years back. Get to know about the latest developments at Kotak Securities, media notes, and so on. Know more
  • Corporate Profile: Kotak Securities looks forward to work with you. We have dedicated spokespersons to communicate with and through the media. In this section, you can find details of these spokespersons as well as their in-depth profiles. Know more
  • Media Kit: Need information about Kotak Securities? Background, history, fact sheet, and details of key executives? We have carefully put together these details for your perusal. These are all available at the media kit. Know more
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  • Power of compounding
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