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Dynamic Brokerage Plan

Kotak Securities’ Dynamic Brokerage plan opens the gateway to a world of investing opportunities for you. This account is specifically created for those Customer who are looking for a good bargain on their brokerage rates. Brokerage rates can be as low as 0.30 paisa on your Delivery trade. Check the FAQs below for more details.

  • Ideal for seasoned investors & frequent traders
  • Flexible plan where charges reduce in proportion to monthly volume traded.
  • Access to Knowledge Centre
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What Kotak Securities offers

As an independent Investor, you will have access to all of Kotak Securities’ trading facilities to execute your trades. You can decide what to buy, when to buy etc. either based on your own research or use Kotak Securities research.

You may be anywhere, anytime and still manage to place your trades using the internet or our Call and Trade facility. Apart from that, you also have access to a big basket of features and other value-added services.

Benefits of Dynamic Brokerage Plan

  • Access to Kotak Securities Knowledge Center, that helps you learn more about stock markets and investments.
  • Enjoy higher returns by investing early through Easy IPO. Know more
  • Access to Kotak Securities’ research reports on the economy, select industries and companies, which help you make informed investment decisions. Know more
  • Research advice via Kotak Securities SMS alerts, so you don't miss out on important buying and selling opportunities. Know more
  • Buy and sell stocks on phone using the Call and Trade facility. Know more
  • Access to the top-performing mutual funds through Easy Mutual Fund. Know more
  • Free news and market updates.
  • Low brokerage rates.
  • Exposure of up to 18 times your initial margin on select stocks with the Super Multiple feature. Know more
  • Currency Derivatives trading.
  • Free access to KEAT Pro X. Know more
  • Special services charges.

Brokerage Details:

Cash Delivery – Brokerage Details
SlabsBrokerage Applicable(Both Side)
< 1lakh0.59%
1 - 5 lakh0.55%
5 - 10 lakh0.45%
10 - 20 lakh0.36%
20 - 60 lakh0.27%
60 lakh - 2 crore0.23%
> 2 crore0.18%
Cash Intraday – Brokerage Details
SlabsBrokerage Application(Both Side)
< 25lakh0.06%
> 25lakh0.05%
Futures - Brokerage Details
SlabsBrokerage Application(Both Side)
< 25 lakh0.06%
25 lakh - 2 crores0.05%
2 crores - 5 crores0.04%
> 5 crores0.03%
Futures - Brokerage Details
SlabsBrokerage Application(Both Side)Brokerage Application(Both Side)
< 2 crore0.07%0.09%
> 2 crore0.05%0.073%
Options - Brokerage applicable both sides
Monthly Premium VolumeIntraday BrokerageSettlement brokeragesMinimum Brokerage Per Lot (Intraday)
Upto 4 lakh2.5%2.5%Rs 300
4-11 lakh2.25%2.5%Rs 240
>11 lakh1.8%2.3%Rs 180
Currency Derivative – Brokerage Details
Monthly Volume Slab ( In Crs)(Volume - Wise Slab & Brokerage for Future & Options) applicable both sides
Currency FuturesCurrency Options
0-30.04% or Rs 20 per lot, whichever is higherRs 20 Per lot
3-80.036% or Rs 18 per lot, whichever is higherRs 18 Per lot
8-150.030% or Rs 15 per lot, whichever is higherRs 15 Per lot
15-300.02% or Rs 10 per, whichever is higherRs 10 Per lot
>300.015% or Rs 7.5 per lot, whichever is higherRs 7.5 Per lot

Important Note:

  • Minimum brokerage for: Cash Delivery: 0.04 P (per share), Intraday: Rs. 0.04 P (per share), OR Rs. 21/- per executed order, whichever is higher, Equity Futures: 0.04 P (per share) subject to ceiling of 2.5% of contract value.
  • Brokerage is charged based on your account type prevailing at the start of the month. Based on the monthly slab your effective slab is calculated and the brokerage difference is credited.

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